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21 Places to Sell Your Digital Desigs Online

Looking for a place to sell your graphic design goods? This collection of digital marketplaces features some of the best places to sell graphics designs online, including web elements, themes, vectors, clipart, hand illustrations, fonts, and more.

Digital Marketplaces:

Creative Market

The Envato alternative for a top-notch digital marketplace will surprise you with a gorgeous handpicked collection of graphic designs. The Creative Market has a special selection process and invites in only the best of the best which keeps the design files at the marketplace at a high quality. The designs here have a hand-crafted, artsy feel that distinct them from most digital designs and this counts for website themes as well as graphic elements of all kinds.

Theme Forest

Known for its massive collection of top-quality website themes, Theme Forest is the Envato marketplace for all things web design. All goods go through a special testing to ensure only the highest quality themes get to the sale stage. Theme designers also provide full theme support and updates along with the end files.

Graphics River

The Envato marketplace for graphic elem
ents allows designers to sell vector art, fonts, logos, icons, and more. Designers can also sell infographics and presentations along with a large number of print designs.


Started originally as a marketplace for handcrafted goods, Etsy gradually expanded its market towards digital goods creators. Currently, designers can upload and sell their own graphic design files, photos, graphic templates, and offer services in their online Etsy shops. Since shops have no review process, most of the goods here have a lower quality which makes the really good ones easily stand out from the crowd.


The all-time-favourite portfolio website also has a shop feature that allows designers to sell their creations through their profiles. DeviantArt is suited for illustrators, designers, photographers, and more.



If you’re a typography designer you should definitely go and sell your products on MyFonts. It is a digital marketplace for high-end font designs and it’s one of the most popular places to purchase cool fonts online. The featured designer’s board and multiple categories make it easy to browse while the high-definition font design thumbnails quickly grab the buyer’s attention.


Anyone who’s looking for a top-quality custom font design knows FontShop offers some of the best solutions. The site is also a great place for font designers to submit their own work and sell their fonts through the marketplace.

Stock graphics:


Did you know stock photography websites now support the selling of digital design goods? Dreamstime is not only a great image source but a place where designers and illustrators can sell their own work in the form of graphic templates, posters, patterns, backgrounds, and more.


Yet another stock photography website which is suited for selling digital design files like hand illustrations, high-quality clipart, design templates, and others. Since ShutterStock is so good at advertising and product suggestion it serves as a great marketplace for selling graphic designs.


VectorStock is a stock file digital marketplace suited exclusively for vector designs. Like any other stock file marketplace, it has a credit-based pricing system. The free vectors section is a smart marketing move that popularized the site and brings in more fresh buyers while the audience expands.

Shopping Carts:


Sellfy is targeted at writers, designers, and filmmakers who wish to sell their digital products online. Sellfy is not only a digital goods selling service but a well-designed digital marketplace, as well. Visitors can browse through categories and discover new cool creators and items to purchase.


Gumroad is an all-in-one solution for selling digital design goods. The product setup is extremely easy and offers an in-depth analysis of the sales. A unique signature feature for Gumroad is the “Pay what you want” option which allows buyers to write in their own price for a product and pay as much as they want.


The Pulley app reminds a lot of Big Cartel and allows the selling of various media content, such as videos, music, books, digital designs, fonts, and others. It offers convenient statistics tracking and offers a neat buy now button. It comes with a 14-day trial and a monthly subscription fee with no commissions.

Simple Goods

Yet another digital content selling platform with tons of features. It allows users to sell PDF files, design work, music, and more. Users can embed a checkout button on their website and track their selling data. Simplegoods has unlimited bandwidth for file storage which allows users to sell large-sized digital files with higher quality.


One of the new players on the market, Selz offers tons of convenient features for digital goods sellers. The 4GB file support allows movie creators to sell high-quality videos. The platform offers a WordPress plugin and provides a free Facebook store account for each seller. Another unique feature is the built-in chat and direct messaging service for Selz shops.

Design Product Marketplaces:


Threadless is a digital marketplace that allows indie creators to sell their designs in the form of various products. Designers can offer their work in the form of clothing, accessories, decoration, and more.


Another digital marketplace that lets designers turn their projects into apparel, wall art, home decor, phone cases, and others.


An inspiring community of artists and sellers that provide unique products with an artsy illustrator feel.


Just like the upper mentioned websites, Zazzle is a digital marketplace for custom designed products of all sorts.


Spreadshirt is targeted mostly at creatives who want to turn their ideas into apparel design and sell clothes online.


If you are a digital illustrator with a thing for fine art and realism, you’ll find a great marketplace for your products at Imagekind.

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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Miranda Kerr Just Stepped Out in This Controversial Shoe

Ryan Gosling to Star in Neil Armstrong Biopic

Public Domain and Andrew Walker/Flickr

One of the space age’s greatest American icons, Neil Armstrong, is finally getting his own biopic, and there are some big names working on it. Damien Chazelle, the director behind the Oscars’ most […]

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Players Honor Carrie Fisher in Star Wars Video Games

Princess Leiah tribute

2016 saw the death of many popular celebrities, but for us nerds and geeks, none hurt nearly as much as the passing of Carrie Fisher. Losing the woman who brought the iconic Princess […]

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From your ISP to the federal government to that shady-looking guy in the corner of the coffee shop, it seems that just about everyone is interested in monitoring your traffic these days. If […]

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Carli’s List of What to Look Forward to in Entertainment in 2017

From left: Guardians of the Galaxy, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Logan

Here’s an unpopular opinion: 2016 was a terrible year. Please hold your comments until the end, thank you. The world seemed to crumble this year. Whether you agree or not, you can still […]

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Web Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2017

Web design is a constantly evolving philosophy. As technology improves and communications become faster and more meaningful, web designers need to explore new ways of reaching their companies’ customers and establishing value. Sometimes, an older site needs an overhaul or complete replacement in light of new technologies or emerging trends.

When designing or redesigning a business website, knowing what not to do is as important as knowing what to do. Many common web design blunders can work to your disadvantage, discouraging customers from using your business. Below you’ll find several examples of what to avoid during site construction or redesign.

Lack of Quality Content

Today’s consumers want much more than just a good deal – they want to feel connected to brands and enjoy seeing their experiences valued. One of the best ways you can offer value to your site’s visitors is with high-quality content. This can be a blog, image galleries, video content, interactive elements, and anything else that delivers value in a relevant way to visitors on your site.

Content also has a tangible impact on your search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a game with constantly changing rules and trends, but consistently updating your site with high-quality content is a great way to rank better in search results. Freshness and relevance are huge boosters when it comes to SEO, so ramping up your content generation is a great way to land more hits on your site and convey value to consumers.

Having Little to No Grasp of SEO

web design mistakes 2017

When it comes to SEO, you also need to stay up to date on the latest trends that affect your site and industry. Search engines like Google and Bing are constantly tweaking their algorithms to create a level playing field for every site, and in turn, marketers must figure out new ways to get their sites high in search result rankings. As previously stated, regularly adding high-quality content to your site is a fantastic method for earning better SEO results, but you also need to rethink your keywords. Explore long-tail keywords and phrases, such as questions a consumer may enter into a search engine’s search field, and include them in your SEO efforts.

Opening Multiple Windows

If you asked a million people what their three least favorite things about the internet are, chances are a great deal of them would include pop-up windows in their lists. Pop-ups are now automatically associated with advertisements, and more than that, they are usually unwelcome. People don’t like seeing random windows pop open if they didn’t choose for them to appear, so take care to avoid any scripting or page elements that create new windows. Even if you have pop-ups with valuable content, users are highly likely to close the pop-up window instinctively as soon as they notice it opening.

If you have something of value to provide to users, make sure it’s on an actual page, and make sure your site navigation doesn’t prompt the user’s browser to open a new window needlessly. This not only appears cluttered, it also builds mistrust in the user, because most people associate pop-ups with scams and hard-sell advertisements.

Too Much Reliance on Free Design Services

Just about every customer-focused business needs a website today, and this need has given rise to an explosion of free web design services. For the most part, these services can be invaluable to a growing startup or new business that doesn’t have the capital to invest in full-fledged web design. However, once your business can afford professional design services, make the switch to something more robust and detailed.

Free website builders typically employ lots of back-end coding that slow the site’s performance overall. If you take the time to explore freelancers and professional design services, chances are good that you’ll find a far more cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing design that performs much better.

No Calls to Action

web design mistakes 2017

Calls to action (CTAs) are more important than people realize. You need to be direct when you ask a site visitor to take action, such as asking them to opt-in to an email list, complete a purchase, leave a product review, or share a piece of content on social media. CTAs need to be direct without becoming obnoxious. This means placing them naturally in your content and on your site instead of bombarding visitors to your site as soon as they land on your page.

Poor Analytics

If you’re trying to improve your website’s performance, you need a way to measure it over time. More importantly, however, is you need to turn what you learn into actionable changes that improve the overall user experience. Your website is a massive investment, and you need to ensure you’re seeing acceptable returns on that investment. Analytic tools are crucial. If you’re not using them, you’re probably overlooking areas of your website that desperately need attention and are causing you to hemorrhage conversions.

Lackluster Social Presence

The evolution of the internet and the advent of social media completely reshaped how people connect and communicate with one another. This has also changed how businesses interact with their customers. Social media allows brands to have more personal, relevant, and meaningful interactions with their audiences. Building a strong social media presence is a fantastic method to boost your brand identity and stay fresh in the minds of potential customers.

Incorporate a social aspect in your web design. Allow users to share content across their social media profiles, and you’ll see a boost in your lead generation. Most consumers will pay more attention to a close friend’s recommendation over an advertisement, so a strong social media presence will help foster organic leads.

No Understanding of Responsive Design

People use several types of devices for internet use today. In years past, web designers simply needed to make sure their sites looked good on a desktop computer screen. Now, mobile technology is at the forefront and most consumers use smartphones and other mobile devices to browse the web, enjoy content, connect socially, and make purchases. The concept of responsive design has emerged with this growing trend.

Most web designers are starting to incorporate touchscreen technology in their planning phases, meaning they design their sites for mobile viewing from the ground up. Your website needs to perform reliably on any type of screen, and users should be able to navigate your pages easily no matter what type of device they use to do it.

Disregarding User Data

Big data has entered the business conversation over the last few years, and this concept describes the incalculable amount of data generated by users online. Businesses have found various methods for capturing and using this data for the benefit of their customers. If you don’t have some kind of data collection capability, you’re missing out on a massive pool of potential.

Data analytics are crucial for assessing customer needs, trends, and disruption in your market. Additionally, you need a method for capturing customer information. This can be as simple as offering an opt-in to your email newsletter, or something more detailed such as a loyalty program that rewards consumers for their participation.

Ultimately, one the biggest determining factors in the overall success of your website is the usability. Customers aren’t going to enjoy having to hunt for what they want, so make sure you organize your site logically, and users can easily navigate your pages. The core information you want to offer visitors should be easy to find, and you need to gear the content you offer towards your customers’ pain points and problems.

Offer solutions to problems instead of just products and services. Focus on the experience of your brand rather than just the tangible gains of making a purchase. Incorporate these concepts into your website construction and you’re sure to find success.

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This post was written by Stephen Moyers, an online marketer, designer and avid tech-savvy blogger. He is associated with Los Angeles-based SPINX Digital Agency. He loves to write about web design, online marketing, entrepreneurship and much more. Apart from writing, he loves traveling & photography. Follow Stephen on Twitter & Google+.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Adventure Time Creator’s Next Project Could Be a Castlevania Cartoon

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