Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fixing Problems

McLaren newest EV is definitely in your price range

mclaren p1 mini ev
There’s a new McLaren EV on the market, and the most amazing thing about it isn’t that it can hit its top speed from a standstill in 2 seconds. It’s that it costs […] Read more

Amazon picks up three of its pilots for series, including The Tick

Tick Header
Amazon Video has announced the three series it’ll pick up after this summer’s pilot season and it includes the latest adaptation of the cult comic book series The Tick. If you missed it, The […] Read more

Why Zelda dungeons are so great

Ocarina of Time
Zelda’s a phenomenal series. Stellar puzzles and memorable dungeons have been the foundation of the series. But not many people stop to dig into exactly how the games work so well. A good […] Read more

The first pop song composed by an AI is… pretty great

We are doomed. AI have started making music and we are screwed. Researchers at Sony have developed an AI that can compose music. Their first major track? An ode to Beetles-style psych rock […] Read more

A vaccine for the common cold is in development

Everybody hates catching a cold, but we are all resigned to it inevitably happening on a regular basis. If you don’t have a cold at least once a year you can count yourself […] Read more

Would Princess Bubblegum be a good US President?

Well, no. Princess Bubblegum can’t be the next President of the United States. She’s a fictional character. Plus, as far as we know, she wasn’t born in the United States and spawned from […] Read more

Sony is getting its own comic cinematic universe (and it isn’t Spider-Man)

Marvel has one. Warner Bros. has one. Universal is working on one. Sony has been trying to get one off the ground for years, but may be trying again with the help of […] Read more