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Westworld review: Do we love HBO’s newcomer?

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MovieBob Reviews: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

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Attract the Right Audience With Seductive Typography

Ever wondered what type can best be matched to your target audience? This article will guide you through the different font styles and teach you how to pick a font that will speak to the viewers.

Serif Fonts

The Serif fonts have the ability to entangle many characteristics in one. This font type is composed of thin lines with embellished ends. The serifs are known to give content a touch of classical traditionalism and a dash of adventure.

Serif font types and audiences that match this style

  • Old Serif types are a derivative of the first Roman type. They can be distinguished with an elegant slant and bracketed letter structure. The Old Serif sometimes have a special diagonal cross stroke on lowercase that’s inspired by the old Venetian style. It’s often used in magazines and classical literature.
  • The Transitional Serif has a straight posture and a slightly increased weight contrast. This font style is created by the English typographer John Baskerville and creates a style transition between the Old type and the Neoclassical type. Just like the Old Serif, the Transitional Serif is convenient for print magazines and websites that go for an elegant and traditional look.
  • Neoclassicals have little or no bracketing and curved ends. They add a touch of playfulness to the otherwise heavily traditional look of the serif type. Can be matched perfectly with a sans serif font and be used for woman magazines and headings of everything home and lifestyle related.
  • Slab Serifs have an edgy feel that’s ideal for headings and can be easily matched with sans serif paragraph. It’s convenient for the tech-savvy audience. The geometric bracketing can easily give your heavily technical content some swag.
  • Glyphic Serifs are the best choice for web and print content that targets adventure seekers. At its core, it has a traditional feel. Yet, the elegant flaring of the character ends gives the Glyphic serif type a modern finish. This makes it one of the top preferred fonts in the gaming industry.

Sans Serif Fonts

The Sans Serif fonts have a clean and legible structure. Their contemporary style makes them ideal for tech and marketing content, sports, news, architecture magazines and more.

Sans serif fonts and what type of content it matches

  • The Grotesque Sans Serif is a modern type style that delicately combines circular and square geometric shapes. This font style family is best known for Helvetica. The Grotesque Sans Serif fonts are universal and can be flawlessly combined with almost any other font style. They are liberally used in modern print and web graphic productions and give every content a contemporary look.
  • Square Sans Serifs are similar to the Grotesque Sans Serif font with the only difference being it’s clearly squared structure. This font type is frequently used for sports news, men magazines. The square shape gives the font a stiff look while the curved ends make it more elegant and relaxed.
  • The Geometric fonts can be easily distinguished by the almost perfectly rounded “o” letter. In fact, this font type uses a combination of straight lines and circular strokes that give it a modern appearance. When bolded up, this font type works great for headings. The Geometric fonts are great for presentation headings, marketing, and tech content.
  • Humanistic Sans Serifs are based on the structure of the Roman inscriptional letters. This font style is claimed to be one of the most easy-to-read. The Humanistic Sans Serif is a combination of sans serif and serif features. It’s also often inspired by calligraphic fonts. This font style is a definite winner when it comes to ancient literature, traditional and historical writing.

Script Fonts

Script fonts are divided into five separate categories: Formal, Calligraphic, Blackletter, Casual, and Decorative. They can vary from heavily ornamented and classical to childish, playful and decorated.

Script fonts

  • Formal script fonts are mostly used in official letters or documents. They are not easy to read so they are usually used for a short snippet of text.
  • Calligraphy is well-known among designers for its beautiful and stylish appearance. This font type goes well for quotes, short headings, and accent words.
  • Blackletter fonts are heavily detailed and ornamented. They have a strong classical feel but are extremely hard. This is why they are mostly used for initials.
  • Casual script fonts are what’s also called freestyle writing. They are natural and playful and can be used for products and copy that targets kings and youngsters.
  • The Decorative script fonts have many forms and often have little or no similarities between each other. They are unique and feature detailed decoration that can represent different textures and themes. This font style can be successfully used for child animations, comics, teen magazines, gaming content and everything else that can tolerate a playful and decorated appearance.


Always think of your audience’s prospect response to a given font or design style before applying it in your project. Try making a target persona and match the fonts and design materials you have with the interests and views of your viewers.

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