Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Will It Work

It's Official: High Heels Are Meeting Their Slow Demise

Rewatch the entire Harry Potter film series in IMAX

Courtesy IMAX
Before watching Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in theaters come November, how about doing a Harry Potter rewatch? Starting Thursday, October 13, fans can watch all eight Harry Potter films in IMAX […] Read more

Pompompurin the pudding dog gets own menu at McDonald’s Japan

It’s time for the collaboration that no one knew the world needed: lovable cream-colored dog Pompompurin and the fast food empire of McDonald’s. Starting October 17 at select McDonald’s restaurants across Japan, a […] Read more

7 helpful tips for weebing out in Japan

Going to Japan is one of those lofty nerd goals that nearly anyone who remotely likes video games or anime dreams of. And, if you haven’t gone before and don’t know Japanese, it’s […] Read more

New Mac candle smells like, you guessed it, a new Mac

Getting a new computer is great — it can make you faster, more efficient, and less annoyed on a daily basis to ditch your slow old system. Oh, and the smell. You know […] Read more

Your body makes a good password transmission system

body password
You can unlock your phone with a touch and log into your computer with a gaze. A new authentication system can use your body in a whole new way. It’s potentially much more […] Read more

Wearable microscope looks inside your body to track health

Scientists have long used fluorescent markers to detect and track molecules in the lab, but tracking things in the human body is more challenging. The recent development of bio-compatible fluorescent markers have provided […] Read more

New illustrated Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is stunning

You probably thought you were done buying Harry Potter books for the rest of your life, but we might splurge for another version of book two. Bloomsbury Publishing is releasing an illustrated version of Harry […] Read more

SpaceX investigating possible sabotage of exploded rocket

SpaceX is no stranger to exploding rockets. Its early years were marked by several high-profile rocket explosions before the more recent models managed to visit the International Space Station and land vertically. Still, […] Read more

Samsung’s Touchable Ink prints braille using any laser printer

Braille printers can cost thousands of dollars, where as laser printers can be picked up for under $100. So wouldn’t it be great is laser printers could somehow print out braille and completely […] Read more

The Donald Trump caterpillar is irritating and highly toxic

Last month, President Obama had a parasite named after him, he’s also lent his name to a prehistoric lizard, a flatworm, an Amazonian bird, fungus, a spider, and a colorful freshwater fish. Now […] Read more