Friday, October 7, 2016

Comcast’s terrible terabyte data cap is rolling out across the US

Comcast has been toying with 300GB data cap in a number of markets around the US, and the time has come to bring data caps to the rest of its footprint. The company […] Read more

Marvel celebrates fifty years of Black Panther at NYCC

Creators past and present discuss the character's rich history and impact. Read more

Artificial intelligence created to fold laundry for you

We keep hearing about advances in artificial intelligence and the coming apocalypse as foreseen in the Terminator movies. But not all AI is created equal, and some will be squarely focused on doing […] Read more

Stranger Things cast talks 80s nostalgia and justice for Barb at NYCC

Stranger Things oozes nostalgia. From the synth soundtrack and endless 80s references to casting iconic actors of the decade like Winona Ryder and Matthew Modine, the show broke new binge-watching records for Netflix because […] Read more

The Exorcist scares the Hell out of NYCC

The Exorcist is a show with a ton of potential. The characters are interesting and complex; the actors are all fantastic, and the premise can be absolutely terrifying, as evidenced by the movie […] Read more

Essential Sailor Moon quotes to keep it real

Have you ever seen a perfect crescent moon in the sky and suddenly shouted “In the name of the moon, I’ll punish you,” or found yourself envisioning the clickity-clack of castanets when you […] Read more

Crunchyroll and LeSean Thomas partner up for Children of Ether

CHILDREN OF ETHER is the new Show from Crunchyroll and LeSean Thomas LeSean Thomas, who worked on Black Dynamite, The Boondocks, and Legend of Korra, is partnering with Crunchyroll to bring a new […] Read more

Horror history podcast Lore to be turned into an Amazon series

Lore is, okay, my favorite horror and mythology history podcast and it was announced out of New York Comic Con on Thursday that it’ll be adapted into a television series for Amazon. The Walking […] Read more

Geek deals: Save big on the quad-core Dell XPS tower PC

The new XPS 8910 desktop PC is a slick machine. The minimalist design emphasizes utility and simplicity while offering a level of versatility that’s hard to beat at this price point. Grab this […] Read more

Chilling news from Ash Vs. Evil Dead at NYCC

An astounding number of fans kicked off New York Comic Con by filling up Manhattan Hall’s Hammerstein Ballroom to see Bruce Campbell and the rest of the cast of Ash Vs. Evil Dead. […] Read more

MovieBob Reviews: Birth of a Nation

Fairly or not, the hardest movies to review are often the ones where the story is bigger than the individual film itself, and not only did Birth of A Nation turn into exactly that, […] Read more

12-year-old wannabe rock star runs up $120,000 AdWords bill

concert crowd
Google is an advertising company. They’ll pay you to show ads to people who watch your videos or visit your website. You can also pay them to show your ads to people, and […] Read more

What To Expect from Crunchyroll’s Fall Season

Crunchyroll Announces Fall Lineup, A New Convention, and LeSean Thomas Show If you ever want to watch ad-free, high definition anime aired minutes after it debuts in Japan, Crunchyroll is where you go. […] Read more

Vampire webseries Carmilla to get feature-length movie

The lesbian, vampire love story and webseries Carmilla is making the jump to the big screen, thanks to a deal to turn it into a feature-length film. You may not have heard of Carmilla, but […] Read more

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle coming to Xbox One and PS4

Beat ’em up games aren’t as prolific as they used to be back in the day so it’s always fun when a new one is released. It’s even better when this beat ’em […] Read more

All the highlights from Facebook’s VR event

Yesterday Facebook subsidiary, Oculus held their big press conference. We saw everything from new games and features to the price and release date for the long-awaited Oculus Touch controllers. If you’re at all […] Read more