Monday, October 17, 2016

Westworld Begins the Robot Evolution in ‘The Stray’

After episode two focused more on the guest experience and the behind-the-scenes workplace drama of the park, last night’s Westworld returned to the question posed the series premiere: What happens when the hosts […] Read more

Kawaii Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts Merch Invades Japan

It feels like we have seen every kind of Harry Potter merchandise that could possibly be associated with the hit franchise, and yet here we are, almost 20 years after the release of […] Read more

Since Nothing Ever Stays Dead, Walking Dead Renewed for Eighth Season

via AMC
We haven’t even seen the results of Negan’s horrific crimes following the controversial season six finale and the creators are already looking ahead to the next, most likely super frustrating, cliffhanger. Ahead of […] Read more

Pretty pleats

Filippa K pleated ruffle top

Filippa K pleated top and pants

Celine Dot Earrings

pleats in NY

I’m really into pleats at the moment and Filippa K delivers the best ones this season.
Sophisticated, yet relaxed –  this top + pant set is spot on!

EARRINGS Céline. TOP Filippa K. PANTS Filippa K. BAG Céline. SHOES Gianvito RossiPhotos by Mattias Swenson.

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Video Game Voice Actors Set Strike Date

video game strike
The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists will go on strike this Friday if ongoing negotiations with video game publishers fail to produce a contract that is acceptable. The Union […] Read more

‘Once Upon a Time’ shows us the real monster

The flashbacks in Once Upon a Time have gotten really good the past couple weeks. Not only have they been perfectly cast recreations of classic stories, the last two episodes have added a […] Read more

Android banking malware wants a selfie before it cleans you out

Smile and say cheese, hapless Android trojan victims. There’s a new piece of malware out there that wants you to snap a selfie before it starts bleeding you dry. Not just any selfie, […] Read more

Brain Implants Allow Quadriplegic Man To Feel Touch Again

Losing control or feeling in your limbs is one of the most traumatic and emotionally draining injuries people can suffer. For years the holy grail of cybernetics research has been giving people back […] Read more

Mars Astronauts Risk Long Term Brain Damage

Sending humans to Mars is a major engineering and technology challenge, but they are challenges I think we all believe will eventually be overcome. However, all that effort may be for nothing if […] Read more

Spider Paleontology

Overwatch Played Using Controller Made Of Bananas

overwatch winston
We’ve seen some creative and unconventional ways to play games in the past but I think this latest method may be the most outlandish one yet. A streamer known as Rudeism — a […] Read more

The Inside Of Teddy Ruxpin Is What Nightmares Are Made Of

Anyone who has sat through a Chucky movie knows how scary animatronic children’s toys can be. And the older they are, the more creepy they seem to be. Well, it’s 2016 and someone […] Read more

Fat PS3 Owners Can Claim $55 Compensation From Sony

Who remembers when Sony removed support for running Linux on the original Fat PS3? It seems like a very long time ago and it turns out it is looking back through articles here […] Read more