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Get Ready for More Candy Crush Saga as CBS Announces New Game Show

If the Tetris and Emoji movies are any indication, if a game or digital trend is popular enough, somebody is going to try and capitalize even more on it and put it in a medium where it […] Read more

DARPA Project Gives A Robotic Arm Its Pilot’s License

Robotic arms can already perform surgery, give people tattoos and play one hell of a game of ping pong. Thanks to a DARPA project, now they can even fly airplanes. Virginia-based Aurora Flight Services […] Read more

Supergirl Says Goodbye for Now to Superman

Melissa Benoist and Tyler Hoechlin in Supergirl (Photo: Screenshot via CW)
Superman and Supergirl continue to work well together. “The Last Children of Krypton” episode opens with them flying through National City together putting out fires and catching criminals as a super team. Not […] Read more

Carrie Fisher is So Much More Than Princess Leia

Courtesy Gage Skidmore via Flickr
Yes, most of us know Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia, royal badass in Star Wars. We were introduced to her this way as children, and that remains her most iconic role. However, the […] Read more

Neil deGrasse Tyson Will Guest Star on Regular Show this Halloween

neil tyson regular show
Neil deGrasse Tyson is no stranger to cartoons. Besides narrating Cosmos, educating the public about astrophysics, and being an all-around smart person, he’s appeared in multiple animated shows, including Gravity Falls. His next […] Read more

Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Smash Bros. and Beyond: The Ultimate History of Fighting Games

Get over here and read everything you ever need to know about hadoukens. Read more

Geek deals: HP ENVY 15t dual-core 15.6-inch touchscreen laptop for $715

HP Envy
Today, HP is offering a steep discount on the ENVY 15t touchscreen laptop. With a full HD display, an SSD, and a brand new Kaby Lake CPU, this machine offers the power and […] Read more

Samsung Sets Up Note 7 Exchange Booths at Major Airports

The Galaxy Note 7 is a complete disaster for Samsung. Not only has it been recalled once, but twice, and now it’s not going to be sold anymore. It’s even illegal to try […] Read more

Black Widow Venom Gene Hijacked By A Virus

black widow
We tend to think of an organism’s genetic code as monolithic and isolated, but nature is actually very leaky. Genes can move around, be duplicated, and even end up in completely different organisms. […] Read more

Top 10 Free UI Kits of 2016

Isn’t it true that designers love UI kits? Sure! And do you know why is that? I’ll tell you. Because thise User Interface kits inspire us,  help us get some fresh ideas and also give us some good references on color palette, shapes, elements disposition and a bunch of other details.

When we need to create mobile layouts or even desktop layouts we face a wide range of UI and UX Design aspects of the projects. User Interface and User Experience are key elements to achieve success with some app and website. To learn the best practices is essential for those who want to develop successful interfaces and have the best interaction between user and app/website and finally convert more.

Inside UI Design we have the common king: Flat Design that took over the web becoming extremely popular in a matter of few years. Two years ago, people were talking about the Metro interface and the Microsoft strategy that few people considered as a successful tool. But, bringing this interface to the web and naming it by Flat Design was a nice move and we can see the results now. Flat designs are still a trend and influence many companies to rebrand their websites and brand identity.

But let’s say we are glad that this is not the only trend and options among the inspirations. That’s why I have selected 10 Free UI Kits that will help you with references and ideas for your next projects, be flat or not, these UI kits are really awesome and easy to edit and use.

Top 10 Free UI Kits 2016

UI Kit: Flat UI

Free UI Kits 2016

As I mentioned Flat Design and Microsoft history, I’ll start the list with this Flat UI Kit – Framework and Bootstrap Theme Design from Designmodo. Its simplicity and design is very elegant and by impressing a lot of viewers this kit was downloaded a lot of times.  That’s why people notice that there are flat Designmodo elements all over the internet. Its originality (keep in mind it was one of the first flat kits on the web) and also his quality, of course, calls everyone’s attention.  

You will find in this package buttons and icons, glyphs, color samples and typography examples. This is all for free. However, if you would like to upgrade to a Pro Kit, Designmodo has an offer for you too.

UI Kit: EventPro

Free UI Kits 2016

A UI Kit with an elegant and clean look on the elements, this kit is related to events and organization. Simple – yet powerful – user controls, EventPro allows users to Pin content, manage items, track balances, gather statistics and makes it easy to keep track of your ticket sales, your users and their interactions with your upcoming event.

UI Kit: Basiliq

Free UI Kits 2016

With over 300 exclusive prototyping elements, this is a Freehand UI Kit that is very complete. There are high-quality icons, that everybody loves and a set of hand-crafted icons for mockups as well.

UI Kit: Nerdial

ui kits free

Nerdial App UI was projected with the current trends like thin lines and big pictures, flat colors, transparent shapes and defined icons. This 8-screen kit comes with a Photoshop and Sketch version.

UI Kit: Ecommerce

ui kits free

This app is for personal use, commercial and non-commercial organization, to sell and/or share your accessories and wardrobe. It’s very simple and minimalist for the end user.  

UI Kit: Personal Dashboard

best ui kits

This Kit is very diverse. Colored flat and simple UI Kit released on Dribbble. In the PSD file, you will find common elements such as video player, buttons, graphics and statistics, social and text elements.

UI Kit: iOS Components

best ui kits

Components of the User interface where the concept of apps was based on the iOS design. All the elements are vectorial shapes totally editable included in a unique PSD file which is very well organized. UI components based on iOS 7 visual guidelines. All elements are completely editable vector shapes, included in a single PSD file.

UI Kit: Retro Jam

top free ui kits 2016

Retro style is still a strong trend in graphic design and Retro Jam inspires follows this trend. There are two versions, the smaller that is free and the paid one.

UI Kit: UI Components

top free ui kits 2016

This kit is all about 3D charts and graphics but there are other UI components. All the components are vectors and fully editable. You can easily plug them into your dashboards or mobile app designs.

UI Kit: Colorful Tiles

free ui kits 2016

This kit has a modern style and its main focus is on color and vivacity in graphs, buttons, icons and other components.

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This post was written Luanna Hedler, a writer who is passionate about design, marketing, and the Web. She is a content writer who loves to spread the power of Freebies.

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