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Happy 60th Birthday Carrie Fisher!

You may have noticed that this week, we’ve been talking a lot about Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia, and Star Wars. I bunch of us are obsessed with the actress and the franchise, so […] Read more

Glitterbomb Wallet Gives Pickpockets Their Comeuppance

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10 Geeky Halloween Decorations to Give Your Guests a Fright

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Video Game Voice Actors Set Strike Date [Update]

video game strike
Update (10/21/2016): As of this moment, video game actors have gone on strike. The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists voted last Sunday to set October 21 at 12:01 as the […] Read more

15 Terrifying Horror Movie Posters Designs

We’ve prepared a neat list of some of the most bizarre and brilliant horror movie posters that have been created throughout the years .

Horror Movie Posters: An Emotion-Driven Design That Sells

The holiday’s uncanny nature has also created the ideal conditions for the development of an entertainment industry focused deeply on the horrors and nightmares that keep people awake in bed.Horror movies posters are a classic example of the power of emotion-driven design. No matter how silly or utterly frightening the movie is, it’s “horror” tag always sells. The evolving TV and cinema productions have resulted in an endless list of terror movies, each with a scarier and more revolting poster than its predecessors.

Horror movies posters are a classic example of the power of emotion-driven design. No matter how silly or utterly frightening the movie is, it’s “horror” tag always sells. The evolving TV and cinema productions have resulted in an endless list of terror movies, each with a scarier and more revolting poster than its predecessors.

Tighten your belts and prepare for a bumpy ride, because today’s horror movie poster roundup is just about to begin.

Horror Movie Poster Designs

Stranger Things


Movie: Stranger Things

This gorgeous poster is one of the many amazing fanart designs you can spot. A classical actors-in-the-center design with a spooky red title are all a horror movie needs to get your attention.

Cabin Fever


Movie: Cabin Fever

The thick mist and the blood-stained water can make anyone shiver in fear.

The Thing


Movie: The Thing

An inverted skull head crossed with an eight-legged creature is definitely not the type of pet you’d bring home.



Movie: Pimpkinhead

You’ll think twice before calling your little one “pumpkin” after watching this terror-filled movie.



Movie: Pimpkinhead

This mind-boggling poster features a creepy set of hands lurking over an innocent soul, trapped in an endless swirl of stairs.



Movie: The Amityville Horror

This poster shows a scary man figure holding an unidentified object, standing in front of a big house in a dark and terrifying setting.

The Remains


Movie: The Remains

A little innocent girl playing with a dollhouse in a haunted house. Will the evil get her? Or maybe she’s the evil herself? The one and true recipe for a terrifying movie plot.



Movie: Piranha

A sexy bikini girl peacefully enjoying her Summer vacation while the bottom of the ocean is crawling with blood-thirsty piranhas. This poster embraces the terrors of every tourist.

The Birds


Movie: The Birds

Birds are a symbol of freedom, hope, and healing. Yet, it may strike you as a true surprise that some people are utterly terrified by them. This Hitchcock movie poster is all about Ornithophobia ( the fear of birds ).

The Hills Have Eyes


Movie: The Hills Have Eyes

If these deformed faces don’t make you shiver enough, don’t judge this book by its cover. The Hills Have Eyes will leave a cold and dark trace in your memories, making for a truly terrifying horror experience.

Scream and Scream Again


Movie: Scream And Scream Again

A truly nasty movie poster that shows a helpless woman being sunk into a tank of triple distilled acid. Not everyone’s favorite type of bubble bath I guess.

One Missed Call


Movie: One Missed Call

Missed calls sure are terrifying when they are from your mom, but with eyes of screaming terror and an enlarged, creepily smiling mouth, you’d better hope this prank caller doesn’t dial your number.



Movie: Halloween

Do you sometimes find yourself wondering what crawls out of the dark shadows while your little ones are roaming the neighborhood for candy and treats?

Dead Silence


Movie: Dead Silence

No one likes creepy dolls. Especially when they tend to wake up at night and scare the Hell out of you. And when you’re not even permitted to scream your lungs out things get particularly complicated.



Movie: Dracula

We’re finishing with this vintage Dracula movie poster that in comparison with other productions seems like a fun joyride. Nonetheless, this doesn’t make the movie any less scary.

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