Monday, October 24, 2016

Pokemon Go’s First In-Game Event Is Halloween-Themed

Pokemon Go Halloween
Pokemon Go was the biggest thing happening in the gaming world this past summer. It seemed as if everywhere you’d look, someone was playing this addictive mobile game (and hopefully not getting hit […] Read more

Prime Directive: Amazon Daily Deals for Geeks

he Internet is where we do most of our shopping, and a solid 90% of it is done at Amazon. Jeff Bezos has turned his humble bookstore into a sort of Automat of […] Read more

Remembering Comic Book Artist Steve Dillon

News broke over the weekend that comic book artist Steve Dillon, who is most known for co-creating the series Preacher for Vertigo and reinventing the Punisher for Marvel in the 1990s, died at […] Read more

Celebrate 75 Years of Wonder Woman With Entertainment Art

Wonder Woman recently celebrated her 75th birthday and she looks better than ever. The Amazonian demigoddess is getting a dedicated solo movie (out next year), just became a UN Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment […] Read more

Spider-Man Artist Releases Aptly Named ‘Learn How to Draw’ App on Android

We can’t all be artists, but you might be able to fake it a little bit with the help of a new app from Spider-Man 2099 artist Will Sliney and developer Aidan Sliney. […] Read more

HYDE Dresses as Harley Quinn for Halloween Concert, Breaks Internet in Japan

Halloween has taken off as a full-fledged party holiday in Japan, and while we all would like to think of the West as the masters of spooky, this is one of those times […] Read more

New York layers

Diogo Miranda dress

Carolina Engman hair

Carolina Engman

A little throwback to New York fashion week and one of my favorite looks starring this dream of a dress from Diogo Miranda layered over a pleated By Malene Birger top..

DRESS Diogo Miranda. EARRINGS Céline. PLEATED TOP By Malene Birger (PS17). BAG Céline. LOAFERS Tibi.

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Pixel XL Teardown Reveals Modular Parts Can Still Be Tricky To Replace

You’ve read plenty about Google’s first in-house phones, the Pixel and Pixel XL, but maybe you’re wondering what makes them tick. As usual, iFixit is more than happy to satisfy your curiosity. After […] Read more

The Search for the Maze Begins in Westworld

After last week’s tense final scene where Dolores overcame her programming and was able to kill another host, last night’s episode gave us more of a slow burn. We learned more about why […] Read more

Life Goals

Nintendo Switch: Details, Wishes, Rumors, and Questions

Decades of hardware ideas and expertise finally crystallized in one device. The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s final form. But what else is it? Read more

Sony Launching Seven PS Vita Models For One Square Enix RPG

I keep hearing that the PS Vita is a dead platform, but I don’t agree. The space given over to the Vita and its games on store shelves may be tiny, but the […] Read more