Monday, October 31, 2016

How do you Celebrate From Dusk Till Dawn’s 20th Anniversary? With a Movie Screening

Courtesy Fathom Events
Can you believe it’s been 20 years since Robert Rodriguez teamed up with Quentin Tarantino and got George Clooney to agree to a (spoiler alert) absurd vampire movie? Yes, From Dusk Till Dawn […] Read more

Mercedes-Benz Protects Your Hearing During a Car Crash Using Pink Noise

Car makers have developed a myriad of technologies to keep you safe in the event of a collision. Airbags, seat belt pre-tensioning, and other features can reduce the damage done in a car […] Read more

Prime Directive: Amazon Daily Deals for Geeks

The Internet is where we do most of our shopping, and a solid 90% of it is done at Amazon. Jeff Bezos has turned his humble bookstore into a sort of Automat of […] Read more

The Walking Dead Hate Watch: A Man and His Tiger

Look, everybody at Geek has mixed opinions on The Walking Dead. Either we haven’t watched it, knowing the criticisms that surround it, or have been keeping up but are ready to call it […] Read more

Man Makes Fully-Functional Pokemon Go Costume

If you’re anything like me (which is to say a hard-partying fool), then you tore up the town looking great in your carefully crafted Halloween costume. I went as Rick from Rick and […] Read more

Dolores Makes Her Own Story in Westworld

I keep waiting for a mediocre episode, but Westworld does not let up. They’ve created a story with multiple mysteries and can move at least one forward in a meaningful way with each […] Read more

Nintendo Teases Us By Playing Games On The NES Classic Edition

On November 11 Nintendo will launch its next games consoles, but this one isn’t called the Switch and won’t have any games available beyond those it ships with. Instead, this piece of hardware […] Read more

Thumb War

Google’s Halloween Game Is All About A Spell Casting Cat

When Google first introduced its interactive Doodles they were something to get excited and talk about regularly, especially when they made Pac-Man playable in a browser. But now they’ve become the norm and […] Read more