Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Android Phone Users Can Now Cast (Some) Harry Potter Spells

Courtesy Google
The need for Harry Potter fans to cast spells is strong, as evidenced by the apps that can help to simulate the craft. Now you can add another one to the list, and […] Read more

A Robot Commanded By An Xbox Controller Shot Microsoft’s Surface Studio Reveal Video

When you’re about to reveal a $3,000 all-in-one and the first desktop computer you’ve ever created to the world, you want everything to go perfectly. That goes double for the first big promo […] Read more

First Rule of This Week’s Supergirl: Don’t Talk About This Week’s Supergirl

Supergirl Feature
This might have been Supergirl‘s weakest episode this season, if not for some great character moments and one big twist (for non-comics readers) at the end. We start off learning more about the […] Read more

Nintendo Ends Wii U Production This Week

Nintendo has announced that the future is Nintendo Switch, with a launch set for March 2017. That means the life of the Wii U is coming to an end, and production of the […] Read more

Canadian Grandmother Accused of Pirating Metro 2033

What kind of activities does your eighty-year-old grandmother enjoy? Quilting? Cross-stitch? Maybe she’s a bit more modern and she likes killing zombies in post-nuclear Moscow. Sounds pretty unlikely, right? And yet somewhere in […] Read more

Seagate’s Xbox One SSD Stores 15 Games For $200

Owning a PS4 and Xbox One gives gamers access to the latest games, but it also forms a bit of a management headache. That’s because the hard drive these consoles ship with is […] Read more

iPhone 8 Wireless Charging Tests Are Underway

It says a lot that the biggest talking point surrounding the release of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus was the lack of a headphone jack. There wasn’t that much else to talk […] Read more