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The Best of Movember’s Poster and Ad Designs

Movember is the perfect time for you to show off your sexy whiskers and proudly stand behind the noble cause of raising awareness about men’s health. It’s also an undeniably convenient month for you to get your inspiration going and join an international rivalry for the most creative advertisement designs. Let’s see what the month of men’s health has prepared for us in terms of design inspiration.

#1: VML’s 2013 Movember Posters

Movember advertisement

Source: Adeevee

Advertising Agency: Vml, Kansas City, USA

VML Foundation’s hilarious collection of Movember posters is both humorous and relatable to fellow Mo bros. No anyone can pull a moustache and look as stunning as Tom Selleck. These posters take a closer look at the priceless moments of amusement that a stache can create and transform them into a celebration of manliness in a stylish and witty manner.

#2: Moustache is King by Butcher Billy

Movember poster design

Source: Design You Trust

Designed by: Butcher Billy

This Brazilian illustrator used various typography to create a series of Movember posters that examine the relation between knowledge, awareness, and support. Those fundamentals of the Movember movement are creatively translated into the design with the use of crisp photography and sharp type.

#3 Prostate Czech – Prostate Cancer Foundation

Funny prostate cancer awareness poster

Source: Ads of The World

Advertising Agency: Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal  and Partners. New York, USA

This controversial poster design combines a vintage soviet concept with a cleverly thought pun. Despite being a little bit cringy, it’s memorable and inspires conversation – two of the main goals of the Movember campaign. Unfortunately, it’s often incorrectly perceived by people as a false statement of the Czech relation to the Soviet Union.

#4: Movember Cover for Esquire Malasia

Movember Magazine Cover

Source: Typostrate

Magazine: Esquire Malaysia

Esquire’s magazine covers have always been characterised by bold, raw photography and strong typography use. This brilliant example of the magazine cover of Esquire Malaysia starring Philip Seymour Hoffman shows the beard as an abstract and silent conversation trigger. The beard speaks for itself just like moustaches are bound to bring up discussions about the importance of the cause.

#5: “Be a Hero” Movember Ad Campaign by BBDO Toronto

"Be a Hero" Movember Ad Series

Source: Design Taxi

Advertising agency:  BBDO Toronto

If you’re certain that there’s nothing heroic about growing a ‘stache you’ll think twice after checking out these posters by BBDO Toronto. Show off your whiskers and take on an adventurous quest to reveal the true manliness of the Movember spirit. This Movember ad campaign will surely make you laugh and reconsider the values of your facial hair.

#6: Club Med’s Movember Poster

Club Med's Movember Poster

Source: Ads of The World

Advertising agency: CART1ER, Montreal, Canada

Planning a hot vacation this November? No matter if you’re in the office, at home or at the beach, your ‘stache is sure to stun everyone around you and carry out an important message. With its fun Movember poster, Club Med applauds those of you who refuse to give up their whiskers even on your on a Summer holiday.

#7: The Movember T-shirt Ad Campaign by Bensimon Byrne

Movember T-shirt Designs

Source: Ads of The World

Advertising Agency: Bensimon Byrne. Toronto, Canada

As much as we hate to admit it, facial hair often raises questions about stereotypes and whether or not we’re still bound by them in our daily lives. Moustaches are a facial haircut that’s frequently perceived as creepy and outdated. It’s thought to be an old-fashioned style choice that’s mostly related to the 70s. The T-shirt designs by Bensimon Byrne are a funny reminder that moustaches should not be related to certain stereotypes.

#8: “The Art of Manliness” Poster Designs by Brett and Kate McKay

Manly Movember Book Cover

Source: Culture Club – Club Monaco

Designed by: Brett and Kate McKay at The Art of Manliness

Although not specifically related to the Movember campaign, the blog-turned-book “The Art of Manliness” is an endless inspiration on raising awareness about men’s health and teaches valuable lessons of keeping a manly figure, both emotional and physical. The book cover features vintage illustrations and pattern styles that refer to the classical tradition of behaving manly in a modern world.

#9: “The Gentleman’s Guide” – Inspiring Quotes by HpLyricz

Movember posters and manly designs

Source: The Gentleman’s Guide

Designed by: HpLyrikz

Ever wondered what takes to be a gentleman? This collection of inspirational quote posters by HpLyrikz will reform your understandings about manliness by going beyond typical qualities like power and wealth. This  particular poster fully translates the meaning of the Movember awareness campaign with a strong statement “A gentleman takes action when others are too scared to do so”.

#10: “Beards Not Invited” Movember Illustrations by Oddfix

Beards Not Invited

Source: RedBubble

Designed by: Oddfix, Collingwood, Australia

Despite being a powerful statement on their own, beards are actually not a part of the official Movember campaign. The true face of the organization is the infamous moustache that creates an incontrovertible assertion of the importance of men’s health.

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