Friday, November 4, 2016

Catch These Perfect Pokemon Gifts

Let’s be honest. From the beginning, Pokémon’s mostly been about the merchandise. Nintendo and the Pokémon Company have been all about the toys and the accessories and how those tie into the games […] Read more

Celebrate Hello Kitty’s Bday With These 16 Mashups
This week marks the glorious and glamorous feline from Japan’s 42nd birthday. Hello Kitty has been warming hearts and merchandisers for decades. There’s not a single thing that doesn’t have her fabulous whiskers are […] Read more

DC Legends is (Almost) X-COM With Superheroes

dc legends 2
Comic books and strategy games continue to be a perfect pair. Read more

China Punishes Inconsiderate Drivers By Making Them Stare Into High Beams

45It’s late at night. You’re driving on an empty road with your high beams on when suddenly there’s a vehicle coming the other way. You dim yours, but the other driver never returns […] Read more

Cates and Shaw’s God Country is Another Strong Debut for Image

There are a lot of amazing comic books coming out lately. With a resurgence at Marvel & DC and a plethora of blossoming indie studios, it is always impressive that Image Comics manages to […] Read more

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Makes Zombies Feel New and Fun Again

Zombies join the Civil War. (Photo: Screenshot via CW)
After last week’s boring, predictable trip to feudal Japan, Legends of Tomorrow needed a fast-paced, fun and just a little ridiculous episode like this to bounce back. The fact that it reminded us […] Read more

Napflix Aims To Be the Netflix to Lull You To Sleep

Picture this: it’s 3:00 a.m. and you’re binge-watching the new season of…anything. Watching TV is a good way to keep you up and the stimulation and light is only going to keep you […] Read more

New MacBook Pro Taken Apart by iFixit, Found to Contain (Not Very Repairable) Computer Parts

Apple announced new MacBook computers the other day, and one of them doesn’t have function keys. Instead, it’s got a touch bar display. Weird, right? That one isn’t out yet, but the new […] Read more