Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Exorcist Returns to the Rance House

It’s been two weeks since the attempted exorcism of Casey Rance and two weeks since The Exorcist revealed its big twist. This week, we got to see how both events have affected the […] Read more

The Weirdest And Worst Sonic The Hedgehog Fan Art

Sonic The Hedgehog Fan Art
Of all the video game mascot characters, none inspires the fanatical devotion that Sega’s quick-footed blue hedgehog does. Nobody ever maced a Gamestop employee because they changed the color of Mario’s arms, nobody […] Read more

The Physics of Falling Cats Is Surprisingly Complicated

10Cats are mysterious creatures, and among their many secrets is how the heck they always manage to land on their feet. It’s a phenomenon that has interested scientists for as long as both […] Read more

Stoked About NES Classic Edition? Here Are All the Nintendo Power Issues You Should Read

The NES Classic Edition is coming out soon. Some gamers might turn their nose up at the prospect of spending money on games that could easily (and illegally) be emulated or purchased piecemeal […] Read more