Monday, November 7, 2016

Netflix Adds Some Big Names to the Cast of Stranger Things’ Second Season

Courtesy of Netflix
The first season of Stranger Things had a largely unknown cast, but some famous faces, such as Matthew Modine and Winona Ryder, were peppered in to add even more to the 1980s nostalgia […] Read more

Minecraft Gift Guide for Those Who Want to Bring the Game to Life

Minecraft gift guide 2016
With the holidays just around the corner, now is the perfect time to think about what sort of awesome stuff you’ll be getting your friends and relatives. Specifically, what will you be getting […] Read more

IFixit Teardown of Google Home Reveals Chromecast Guts and a Little House

The Amazon Echo seemed like a strange idea when Amazon introduced it two years ago, but the voice-activated assistant hub has proven popular with consumers. Now, Google is leveraging its more powerful voice-activated […] Read more

MotorCrush Brings Batgirl Team Back Together in High Octane Action Series

via Image Comics
Writers Cameron Stewart and Brenden K. Fletcher teamed with artist Babs Tarr, are coming off of their recent, popular run on DC Comics’ Batgirl series. A breath of fresh air for both the […] Read more

I'm With Her

Celebrate N7 Day With The New Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer

It’s November 7th, and if you’re a Mass Effect fan, you know what that means. It’s N7 day, the celebration of all things Mass Effect, and BioWare is dropping all kinds of goodies our […] Read more

The White House Releases Paper on What It Wants to Do With Artificial Intelligence

The White House released a document earlier in the year via the Office of the President and the National Science and Technology Council Committee on Technology (NSTC). It spanned 58 pages and was […] Read more

Big Mouth Billy Bass Gets A Brain Transplant, Becomes A Fishy Alexa

Some of you might remember Big Mouth Billy Bass from his numerous… er… hilarious? TV appearances. Well, he’s back. And this time he’s not singing “Don’t worry, be happy.” Billy has been given […] Read more

The Hosts Get Smarter on Westworld

Thandie Newton as Maeve, Ptolemy Slocum as Sylvester. (Credit: John P. Johnson)
This week, Westworld takes a break from Dolores’s storyline in favor of exploring more of Maeve’s, Bernard’s and Elsie’s. That turned out to be a good move, as this was one of the […] Read more

Dishonored 2 Puts a Unique Twist on Victorian-Era Fashion

Dishonored 2
Fashion is often something of an afterthought in video games. Most developers focus on a game’s mechanics or story but often fail to realize how fashion can help shape the in-game world and […] Read more

Harry Potter and the Abandoned Trademarks

Courtesy Warner Bros.
Before you return to the Wizarding World with Fantastic Beasts, consider these Harry Potter adventures that might have been. Read more

Angels Fall in This Short by a Co-Writer of Doctor Strange

The fourteenth installment in the ongoing Marvel Cinematic Universe, Doctor Strange, is in theaters now and was co-written by screenwriter and author C. Robert Cargill. The task of adding the layer of mystical […] Read more