Tuesday, November 8, 2016

November 2016

YouTube Now Supports HDR Videos

Horizon Zero Dawn 01
YouTube has announced that it now supports HDR videos. HDR (or High Dynamic Range) has been getting a lot of attention lately since both the Xbox One S and the upcoming PlayStation 4 […] Read more

The Cat’s Out of the Bag, Neko Atsume is Getting a Live-Action Movie

Neko Atsume
Today is election day and most of us aren’t in the best of moods considering who the presidential nominees are. Thankfully, a bit of news was released that proves the future isn’t entirely […] Read more

GTA Online’s Deadline Update Turns the Game Into Tron

GTA Online Deadline
Grand Theft Auto Online is constantly getting new updates, and this latest one is a huge love letter to a certain 80’s sci-fi movie. The Deadline update introduces the Nagasaki Shotaro: a motorcycle […] Read more

5 Times Presidents Turned up in Comics

Today is an important day in history, and while we like to think that everyone is going out to vote today, you’re either on your phone or your computer right now if you’re […] Read more

Star Wars Gifts Are for Everyone and Here Are the Some Great Ones

You can't go wrong with Star Wars gifts, but here's how you go really right. Read more

The NES Classic Mini Is Actually a Tiny Linux PC

There’s a very good chance that if you’re reading Geek.com you were already excited about the launch of the NES Classic Mini. Here’s some more exciting news: it’s actually a Linux PC, and […] Read more

Geek deals: Save 75% off iDrive 1TB cloud storage

Local backups are good, but what happens to your data if there’s a natural disaster or a robbery? It’s very important to keep your data offsite as well, and doing so has never […] Read more

Two-Headed Sharks Are Freaky, And Researchers Are Seeing More and More of Them

If two-headed sharks look and sound bizarre to you, unfortunately, it’s something you may want to get used to. Not only are they real, but they’re becoming more and more ubiquitous, according to […] Read more

Gotham Wouldn’t Like Captain Barnes When He’s Angry

This week’s Gotham changes things up and gives us a story all about Captain Barnes. Enjoy him while you can, folks. As we begin this week’s episode, Barnes is returning to his car […] Read more

Apple Drops USB-C Dongle and Accessory Prices Following Criticism of New MacBook

There’s really no way around it—Apple has serious port problems. With the iPhone 7, it removed the headphone jack, much to the chagrin of audiophiles. The newly announced MacBook Pro has a whopping […] Read more