Wednesday, November 23, 2016

TNT Adapting ‘Snowpiercer’ into a Possible TV Series

via Youtube
Snowpiercer has been on the page and on the big screen and soon, it could be coming to the small screen. TNT has ordered a pilot for a Snowpiercer TV series, based on […] Read more

Lego’s Awesome Batman Movie Minfigs Feature Some Truly Obscure Villains

Everyone knows Joker, Penguin, and Riddler, but Batman has squared off against some truly odd villains over the years. And on January 1 you’ll be able to buy minifig versions of several of […] Read more

Buy This Comic: Super Powers #1

via DC Comics
DC Comics recently began its Rebirth; a company-wide relaunch meant to right the wrongs of their New 52 reboot and return to the roots of the DC Universe. A “soft reboot” of sorts, […] Read more


Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Launch has Been… Interesting

via GameFreak
Pok√©mon Sun and Moon were released last week. And… they’re pretty damned great. They switch up the aging Pokemon formula in some snazzy new ways and restructure much of the minute-to-minute play to […] Read more

We Finally Get Our First ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Cast Member: Michelle Yeoh

It’s been so long since they announced Star Trek: Discovery and so far we haven’t heard a thing about the cast. That is, until Tuesday. Producer Nicholas Meyer confirmed that Michelle Yeoh, most […] Read more