Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Is This Cheetos Store Real?! Did I Dream It?!

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Okay, let me preface this by saying it’s 3:50 in the morning. I’m dealing with some insomnia and could be hallucinating this. I was scrolling through Facebook and found an ad for the […] Read more

Nintendo Worlds Coming to Universal Studios Parks

Areas filled with Nintendo rides, shops, restaurants, and more will be coming to three Universal Studios theme parks some time over the next several years. The Japanese gaming giant and Universal Parks & […] Read more

We Want to Shrink Down and Live Inside this LEGO Addams Family Mansion

Hugh Scandrett/LEGO Ideas
This LEGO design makes us want to snap our fingers and do the tango. An accurate replica of the Addams Family mansion (not life-sized unfortunately) was submitted to LEGO and if things go […] Read more

Winter Has Come With This Game of Thrones Gift Guide

From beer and food to books and toilet jokes, seek your fortune no further... Read more

Bacteria Eats Poop, Generates Power

Researchers at Ghent University (that’s in Belgium) might have discovered an awesome method for making extra power. And it works because humans poop. A lot. And they’ve trained bacteria to eat that poop […] Read more

‘Incorporated’ Has a Great Premise, but Not Much Else Yet

Syfy really wants you to know that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon produced their new TV series. It’s difficult to tell if their involvement had any effect on it’s quality, but Incorporated turned […] Read more

NASA Made an EmDrive, and It Works, But We Still Don’t Know Why

There’s a new engine that might just might, be able to propel humanity to the stars. It’s called the EmDrive. You might have heard about it not too long ago when some physicists […] Read more