Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Geek deals: Dell XPS 8900 Skylake desktop PC for $729

Dell XPS 8900
If you’re looking for a powerful desktop that won’t break the bank, take a look at the XPS 8900 from Dell. With a Skylake CPU, fast DDR4 memory, and lots of customizability, this […] Read more

Ecstasy Gets FDA Nod for Large-Scale Clinical Trials

You’ve probably heard of MDMA, the party drug that’s been a favorite of music festival goers and ravers for years. Better known by the names Molly, Ecstasy, or just simply “X,” MDMA causes […] Read more

Autonomoose Is The First Driverless Car On Canada’s Roads

As of June, not even a single company had signed on to Canada’s autonomous vehicle test program. That finally changed, and just days ago the Autonomoose rolled onto Ontario roads for its first […] Read more

Eye Love To See You

You Can Finally Watch (Some) Netflix Videos Offline

Considering how much battery watching Netflix on your smartphone or tablet consumes, I often see people catching up on shows on the subway–until we go underground and they have to turn it off. […] Read more

Huge Chunk of Antarctica May Soon Collapse and Fall into Sea

This year has brought some really troubling signs of the global shift in climate. We’ve hit all-time highs for atmospheric carbon dioxide; the Arctic circle is 36 degrees warmer than it should be, […] Read more

SF Transit Hacker Makes Bold Threats, Gets Hacked in Return

Last week a hacker broke into the payment systems for San Francisco’s MUNI system, and now that same attacker, known by the alias Cryptom, is holding personal data on employees and customers if […] Read more

Apple Spectrum