Monday, December 5, 2016

Geek deals: Save up to 90% off with the StackSocial holiday gift shop

Stack Social Sale
In celebration of the holiday season, Stack Social is offering up massive discounts on some top-notch gadgets. We’re seeing great deals on the likes of smartphone accessories and drones, and today’s coupon code […] Read more

Google Home and Amazon Echo Do Record You, And Here’s Why

If you’re an avid Google Home or Amazon Echo user, you should know or already are aware that both of the home assistants can and do record your voice. They’re listening, and they’re […] Read more

Microsoft Introduces Its New Chatbot Zo

Microsoft created its own chatbot earlier this year named Tay, and while it had some impressive capabilities, it ended up crashing and burning. It made some absolutely hilarious comments here and there, but […] Read more

Happy International Ninja Day!

via Adam Gorham
Happy International Ninja Day! A time to celebrate the stealthy and wondrous history of the great warriors of China and Japan. Sure many ninjas have found their stories embedded in pop culture, but only […] Read more

‘Resident Evil 7’ Demo Receives Final Update Before Launch

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is set for release next month, and Capcom has released the final teaser and a demo update to tide you over before launch. The demo update, titled “Midnight,” grants […] Read more

Once Upon a Time’s Midseason Finale Introduces Yet Another Reality

Evil Queen
After last week’s strange and rushed episode, Once Upon a Time completely made up for it with a fantastic midseason finale. The Evil Queen is pushing everyone’s buttons right out of the gate, […] Read more


Z2’s Legend is a Post-Human Dystopian Wonderland

2016 has been a long year. While it may feel like a post-apocalyptic wasteland, we can at least find comfort in our music, movies, shows, and comics. What a better way to wrap […] Read more

One of Westworld’s Most Popular Fan Theories Turned Out to Be Absolutely True

Westworld‘s season finale knows we want answers and eventually does give us almost everything we want. At the outset though, it’s content to tease us a little longer. It begins with a flashback, […] Read more